• January 3rd, 2017


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1. Conduct a situational analysis of the Conseco’s current state of affairs. 2. Conduct a top-down risk exposure diagnosis of what got Conseco to its current state. Specifically identify and discuss the factors under the following categories: • Macroeconomic Factors • Industry-specific Factors – generally analyze the risks in the long-term care (LTC) industry. • Company-specific Factors 2. Identify and discuss the various types of risk (e.g. operational; market; financial; regulatory; reputational; strategic…etc.) that caused Conseco’s crisis and the potential for contagion {i.e. one risk leading to another]. 3. Recommend the first steps that C. James Prieur and the rest of the senior management should take to rectify the New York Times article crisis. 4. Identify the various stakeholders that were aggrieved, for example: employees; customers; regulators; society; creditors; competitors; …etc. Specifically discuss how each of the parties you identify was aggrieved. 5. How should Conseco go about addressing each party’s issue? Who should be the priority for Conseco? Why? 6. Make specific recommendations for Conseco to take as it recovers from this public relations dilemma: Use the post-loss risk management objectives that we discussed in class, as follows: • Post-loss objectives: – Survival of the firm – Continue operating – Stability of earnings – Continued growth of the firm – Minimize the effects that a loss will have on other persons and on society

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