• March 26th, 2016

Final Reflections

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Reflect on your learning and leadership development throughout both the
program and your project (Please see the attached file of “Project plan.pdf“), and write the essay as following questions:

• How have you engaged with members of your Learning Group, and other advisors within the organization, at school, and beyond? Provide information about your efforts to give and receive advice and support within the Learning Group, consistent with the frequency and quality of your actual communications over the 12 weeks with your Group.

• How have this project and the program either challenged or supported your previous views of leadership? What has been your key learning?

• How is your personal model of leadership evolving?

• What are your plans for continuing to develop your capability to lead?

You will document the case study along with the case analysis in a paper using APA formatting requirements, 15-page maximum, not including addenda.

Please use references from my attached textbook. (At least use from two different books)

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