• April 22nd, 2016

Final Project

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A.What are the statistics and trends of this health concern?

B.What are the challenges (sociological, behavioral, cultural etc.) in addressing this health challenge?

C.Who is affected?

D.Why is this health challenge concerning to you?


II.Analyze your target population. (From your Week Two “Needs Assessment” assignment)


A.Is this population currently affected by the health concern?

B.What are reasons behind this population being affected or vulnerable to this health concern?

C.What are the statistics and trends for this target population regarding this health concern?

D.Describe the cultural factors, health literacy levels, and other considerations regarding this population.

E.What strategies will you employ to ensure that these considerations are being addressed?


III.Apply a planning model and theory. (From your Week One “Planning a Health Education Program” assignment)


A.Choose or create a health promotion (planning) model that will be applied to the target population.

B.Describe the theory behind the model.

C.Explain the appropriateness of this model in providing effective health education to the target population.


IV.Devise a health education campaign and select a setting (From your Week Three “Designing and Developing a Health Education Program” assignment)


A.Create a health education campaign based on the selected theory and health promotion model.


1.Explain its planning, activities, goals and other important information.

2.Summarize the health information and messages that will be provided to the target population.

3.Evaluate the mode of delivery of this information.

4.How will you determine if the target population is receiving the information?

5.How will you determine if the target population understands the information?

6.How will you determine if the target population uses the information to change their behaviors?


B.Choose a setting to promote this campaign


1.How does this setting relate to your target population?

2.Evaluate the pros and cons of this setting.



V.Implement the campaign


A.What do you need to know about your target population?

B.What do you need to start this campaign?

C.Who else is affected? Who are the stakeholders? Would anyone be against this campaign?

D.How do you maintain momentum or “buy in” while implementing this campaign?


VI.Evaluate the campaign (From your Week Four “Evaluating Health Education Programs” assignment)


A.How will you know if the campaign is achieving what it was set out to do?

B.What information do you need to collect? When and how will you collect it?

C.How will you use the information from the evaluation?


VII.Summary of the health education campaign

A.Provide a clear summary paragraph of your entire campaign.

B.Your summary must address the overall importance and functionality of your selected health initiative.


VIII.Present the campaign proposal


A.Envision that you are selling this campaign idea to possible investors.

B.Include both visual and audio components.


1.You may use various resources (PowerPoint with voice over, a video of yourself presenting, or slidesix.com).

2.Use appropriate videos and images that convey the intent of the presentation.


C.Provide an overview of each section described above.


1.Justify the need for assistance related to the selected health challenge and target population

2.Present the campaign goals and objectives.

3.Summarize the campaign design.

4.How will the campaign directly addresses the needs and meet the goals and objectives?

5.Explain the major components of implementation.

6.Estimate anticipated barriers and complications of implementing the campaign.

7.Construct possible solutions to the anticipated barriers.

8.Predict the outcomes of the campaign.

9.Illustrate the evaluation method.

10.Project the future application of the information learned from the campaign.

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