• April 24th, 2016

Final Exam

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Final Exam


This part of the final exam consists of two essay questions. Each will be weighted equally. Be sure to cite any direct quotes from readings. In answering these questions, you will need to draw specific support from the readings/discussions and lecture videos.

Essay should be approximately two pages double space for each question.

Question 1
A major goal of education is expanding one’s horizons through broadening one’s perspectives. How has your perspective on one particular issue changed or been broadened as a result of what you have learned in this course? Examples: History of Feminist Movement, RCGS-Conceptual Framework, Reproductive Rights, Domestic Violence, Activism/Advocacy.

Question 2
Suzanne Pharr writes:
“I believe that all oppressions in this country turn on an economic wheel; they all, in the long run, serve to consolidate and keep wealth in the hands of the few, with the many fighting over crumbs. Without work against economic injustice, against the dehumanizing excesses of capitalism, there can be no deep and lasting work on oppression.”

There is no doubt that feminist movement in America has made great progress in achieving a more just society, although there is, of course, still a great deal of work remaining to be done. Discuss workplace inequalities and proposals for real life solutions.

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