• March 13th, 2016

Final Course Paper on Global Leadership

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

“An Integrative Examination of Global Strategic Leadership”.
Students are asked to reflect on the evolution of leadership in the 21st century in a global context. The paper requires that students look at the underlying socio-cultural themes and the influence they have on the development of potential leadership models and strategic variables. What have been the strategic elements that have assisted leaders as globalization has developed? What elements have inhibited strategic development? What is your analysis of the future global environment and potential strategies that should be considered? The paper should be supported with scholarly documentation. This paper should demonstrate an integration of concepts learned, within a context chosen by the student.

• 12 – 15 pages (does not include a cover sheet or references)
• 12 point font with one inch margins
• Paper type — An Argumentative Thesis paper.
• Your thesis — Based on your readings, additional research, and personal perspective present a thesis which integrates the key conclusions you have
argued for within your previous papers for this course. This final thesis should not be just a restatement of one or more of your theses, but rather you should develop a new creative thesis which integrates the more valuable models, theories and concepts you have discovered during this class.
• Provide sound arguments – This is the most important part of your final paper. You also need to provide arguments and sound reasons as to why you included the various elements into your paper. These arguments may come from your readings, additional research, or personal observations or perspectives.


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