• April 12th, 2016

FIN 330 Group Project Part 1 Research Paper

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Situation: (2 pages, 4 references)

You are a financial analyst with the mythical New Technology Incorporated (NTI); NTI is an established manufacturer of a line of fully-integrated wireless communication products, which services an international market.

A competitive technical product evaluation has determined that Micro Strategy represents the best potential candidates for a long-term software security partnership with NTI.

However, based on some serious general concerns about the fallout of companies in the software industry in general, the CFO has asked you to conduct a comparative financial analysis of Micro Strategy to determine if the company is financially sound.

The cost of adopting a new software system is significant and any interruption in software or software support during the next few years would adversely affect NTI’s performance and profit.

Specific Assignment:

The Specific questions you are to answer are:

(1) “what is the relative financial viability of Micro Strategy? And
(2) is Micro Strategy recommended from the financial standpoint for a partnership?”

This assignment requires you to research, analyze, and prepare a report for the CFO on the actual financial performance of Micro Strategy for the last three years. Your report is to consist of the following part:

(1) An evaluation of Micro Strategy’s income statement trends for the last three years.

This evaluations are to be followed by

A specific recommendation with supporting rationale as to Micro Strategy’s financial suitability for a long term software partnership with NIT.

To assist you in your task, the CFO has provided the following general guidance: She views it very important to identify and evaluate the Micro Strategy’s s trends over the last three years in the following financial areas:

• Annual Income Statements for the last three years.

Your primary source of information for this effort should be

• Micro Strategy Annual reports, 10K SEC Reports

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