• March 25th, 2016

Film & Theater studies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose one of the following five topics:

• The use of commedia dell’arte stock characters in The Green Bird
• The satirical effectiveness of The Green Bird
• The success of Hughes’ translation and adaptation of The Orestia
• The connection between fate and tragedy in Riders to the Sea and/or The Orestia
• The early stage history and/or public responses to J. M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea*

Write a 1900-2000 -word research paper. Please, make sure that you understand the specific requirements of your topic before you start working on the essay. Using relevant primary and secondary sources, try to address the selected topic in a concise and well-organized manner. Do not forget to support your argument with appropriate quotations from the play itself. Analyze and interpret the selected play(s), and avoid plot summaries. Since this is the final paper of the year, you are expected to demonstrate a substantial level of linguistic, methodological, and research competence. DO NOT forget to state your thesis clearly and to relate your arguments back to your thesis. Your paper should be formatted in MLA style, including a title page and works cited list.

Please, do not forget that the 5% deductions for serious grammatical errors and low/high word count are still in effect.

All papers should be typewritten, double-spaced, and use a serif font. They should have an original title, and include the exact word count. The paper is due March 25, 2016. There will be no extensions.

Because this is the final paper of the year, your marker may provide slightly less detailed feedback on the document when it is returned to you. You cannot rewrite this essay, but you can (as always) submit a draft in advance.

The paper is worth 15% of the final mark.

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