• April 23rd, 2016

FILM – Research Term Paper on Korean Drama – “Boys Over Flowers” Influence On Aduaince’ Plastic Surgery Desires

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will need to write a 6-8 page paper on an expanded topic.
TOPIC: Using “Boys Over Flowers”, I want to demonstrate how the actors fit the stereotypical Korean “plastics” mold. As a result, impact the audience to strive for similar physical characteristics. Furthermore, causing audience to want to seek plastic surgery to enhance/change their physical features.
-Looking at their physical appearance (Actors in the film “Boys Over Flowers”)
-How physical appearance represented (In this TV-show “Boys Over Flowers”)
-How the audience is influenced by the TV show – DRAMA – “Boys Over Flowers”
-Discuss Korean Pop Culture
-Connect how Korea is number one in plastic surgeries. WHY?
-Focus should be Korean DRAMA – “Boys Over Flowers”
Your goal is to research a minimum of four outside sources that MUST BE scholarly. Approach this independent research paper through the “they say, I say” concept so that your paper will an an interpretation of a representative text based on what scholars have already said about it. MAKE SURE TO INTERPRETE Scholar sources, use Korean TV Drama “Boys Over Flowers”
To connect audience reaction from the Korean TV Drama “Boys Over Flowers” you can reference reviews and comments, along with scholar articles.
Please reference this text also: “The Korean Popular Culture Reader” by Kim, Kyung, Hyun, Choe, Youngmin, ISBN: 9780822355014
“Boys Over Flowers” Korean TV Drama can be found on Netflix and YouTube.

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