• April 27th, 2016

Film research Essay

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The research essay (200 pts.) asks you to analyze a film, focusing on some aspect of the film that reflects a real-world issue (film and topic must be signed up and APPROVED; one title per person; first signed up, first choice).

In your introduction, briefly compare this to a film from class in its depiction of this reality. Duplication is OK on class film choice. Research the topic through an interview with a knowledgeable person (either in person or through televised or print interview) and through at least one scholarly article on the subject depicted and one scholarly article on each film. (total at least 4 scholarly sources)

For example, if you compare An Inconvenient Truth to Gasland, to examine technological solutions to climate change, you need to interview a climate scientist, solar panel or gas dealer, or someone knowledgeable on the topic (Typed, about 1000-1500 words (2-3 pp. single-spaced), works cited, title on these pages; no separate title or works cited pages; TRACS by 11:55 May 2, 2016).

20 – Catchy title indicates topic, captures interest; thesis compares /contrasts 2 films, significant connections, differences

20 – Clear use of 3 critical approaches in intro, body to analyze clear topic

20 – Visual details of scene from class film

20 – Sound details of scene from class film

20 – Visual details of scene from your pick

20 – Sound details from your film pick

20 – Balanced discussion & knowledge of topic discussed

20 – Quoted expert interview (NOT the director)

20 – Clear, correct language (proofread!)

20 – Quotes are introduced: 1 interview quote & 3 scholarly quotes used to PROVE ideas, follows MLA form, works cited list

She grades very much so off the rubric, verbatim

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