• April 19th, 2016

Film Festivals and Indie Cinema

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The larger paper in this class asks you to consider a film festival through a set of lenses that will help you argue the cultural value of these events. These lenses can include the films that emerge from them, the directors, the markets, the power they wield, the cultural tourism they allow, the branding, etc. Must have: 1. • Research Question: What is a question that you could potentially expand in a research paper about how your lenses speak to the cultural value of the film festival? 2. Thesis: While this is preliminary and will definitely be subject to change as you continue your research, what is your working hypothesis (argument) for why or how these films answer the research question you provided? The thesis statement is a declarative sentence that ARGUES for how or why these lenses you are using speak to the cultural value of the festival you are researching.

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