• February 23rd, 2017

Federalism in Action  

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The essay should not be shorter than 800 words nor longer than 1000 words.
To this point, the course has focused on the development on the Texas government within historical context and the legislative process in Texas. As such, several considerations of federalism have been presented throughout each unit.
For this essay, select a federal program from the list below and analyze how that program reflects federalism in action. Specifically, in what way is federalism being used or interpreted within the context of a specific program (Your thesis should directly respond to this question)? In other words, you will need to detail the various federal and state components of the program at hand as well as the relationship that exist between the federal and state government regarding the program.
Guiding Considerations:
What is the federal role/responsibility regarding the program?
What is Texas’ role/responsibility regarding the program?
In what way to the two entities need to work together to successfully execute the program?
What are the points of friction or frustration between the state and federal government?
Is the program working as it was designed? Has the program increased or decreased friction between the state and federal government?
While these questions should not be answered directly, your information presented and analysis should address these considerations.

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