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Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov are two computer hackers from Russia who were arrested by the FBI.

APA Project

An APA research paper has 4 basic sections.
1) The Introduction / Statement of the Problem section
a. The opening paragraphs that introduce the reader to what is going to be researched and background information about the problem. Whatever you chose as the title on the title page, that title repeats here NOT Introduction or Statement of the problem
2) Literature Review section
a. Here resource after resource, after resource is presented to answer the research question(s). Fact based! You are merely presenting the facts of each source represented. You are not presenting opinion.
3) Discussion of Findings
a. You summarize the findings of the literature sources presented in the Lit Review section
4) Opinions and Conclusion
a. Wrap up your project. You are able to provide your opinion, based on the sources that were sourced in the SOP and Lit Review sections as it relates to the question(s) being researched

In the Introduction / Statement of the Problem Section address the following

• The crime(s) committed by the two hackers
• Their arrest and subsequent criminal charges they were prosecuted for
• What was the court’s ruling and final outcome of their cases

Research questions to be answered

• What are the jurisdictional issues related to extraditing or luring a criminal to the U.S.

Assignment Requirements

• APA format
• Length: 1500-2000 words.
o Statement of the Problem – 400 – 600 words
o Literature Review – 600 – 700 words
o Discussion of the Findings – 300 – 400 words
o Opinion and Conclusion 200 – 300 words
• Must include a Title Page and References page(s)
o Word count does NOT include your Title page or your Reference page(s)

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