• April 10th, 2016

Fahrenheit 451

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Read the book Fahrenheit 451 and answer these questions below

1.Why does Mildred not want to talk about the girl next door?
2.What is Montag’s current view of the world he is living in?
3.How does Montag meet Faber? What does Montag ask Faber to do?
4.What is Montag’s plan for getting the book back to Beatty?
5.Where does Montag go after his train ride?
6.When Montag asks if books will help them, what three things does Faber say about books?
7.When Montag asks Faber to start printing books with him, how does Faber respond. (Hint: What is the alternate plan)
8.What does Montag do to the book to get Faber to “teach” him?
9.What are the “green bullets”? Why does Faber give one to Montag?
10. Who reads Montag to sleep? How?
11. Where is Mrs. Phelps husband? Is she worried?
12. What does Mrs. Bowles say about her children?
13. What do the women say about politics? What did they base their votes on?
14. What does Montag bring into the room that surprises the women?
15. How did Mrs. Phelps react to the reading? What reason did she give for her reaction?
16. Why do the women leave? What does Montag say as they are going? (list one thing, not all)
17. How does Beatty react when Montag gives him the book?
18. What happened in Beatty’s dream?
19. What is Beatty doing to Montag at the card table?
20. In front of what house does Montag realize they have stopped?

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