• April 27th, 2016

Factors Shaping Food Safety Law & Practice

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Food safety inspection is a factor in improving food safety standards and in the prevention of food poisoning.

you should answer all three of the following questions in relationship to that function.
You are to assume that you are a fully qualified Environmental Health Officer in a local authority environmental health department, and carry out a routine food hygiene inspection of a high street sandwich shop. The inspection itself indicates relatively good standards as observed on the day. Records are not complete but what records are available do not indicate any concern.
1. Critically evaluate the role that food safety inspections play in reducing the incidence of food poisoning.
2. During the inspection you find the following:
a) The only wash-hand basin available for use by food handlers is being used to defrost cooked prawns (for eventual use in prawn mayonnaise sandwiches);
b) You find food items which are past their ‘use-by’ and ‘best before’ dates;
c) None of the food handlers have received any formal food hygiene training.
With reference to relevant legislation and guidance:
i) Comment on the significance of each of the above in terms of food safety
ii) Review the enforcement options available, discussing the most appropriate course of action to be followed in each case, specifying any factors that might influence the decisions taken.
3. During the inspection you also take a number of formal samples of various sandwiches from the chilled display counters. Three days later you receive the laboratory results for these samples. The Food Examiner reports that some of the sandwiches on sale have been contaminated with pathogenic bacteria to an unacceptable level. Critically analyse why the results may not relate to findings and observations made on the day, and evaluate what action is available to you.

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