• April 9th, 2016

Expository Essay (A Doll’s House)

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Read the following short story: 1. A Dollhouse (As you read, take notes. This will make the creation of your essay much easier.) • Write at least three pages using MLA form • Create paragraphs that are 7-10 sentences in length • Include a Works Cited page • Get evidence from the story and blend these quotes into your writing to support your analysis (do not merely paraphrase) • Sparingly paraphrase and summarize—as needed • Come up with your own ideas and views / use the Internet in a limited fashion • Include at least one (1) secondary quote (from an outside source) about the story. • DO NOT MERELY summarize but rather analyze • Write objectively (no “I” “In my opinion” “you” and “we”) ==================================================================== 1. Question to consider for “A Dollhouse”. This assignment is to be an expository paper. In this paper, you will detail the growth of a character (explain how a character changes over the course of the play/story). You will write about Nora in Ibsen’s play, A Dollhouse.

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