• April 10th, 2016

Exploring the causes, preventative options, and alternative punishments for criminal offenders that are diagnosed with PTSD (Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder)

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Subject: Criminology
You will turn in an original researched essay at least SEVEN (7), but not more than 10, double spaced, printed pages in length-size 12 font, no manipulated margins, preferably New Times Roman font- on a topic of your choice (approved in advance by the professor) concerning crime, criminalization of behavior or crime control and relate it to a theory of crime. In other words, you will identify and then attempt to explain a specific criminal related event/behavior/phenomenon in terms of a criminological theory/integrated theories. You will also recommend ways that this question could be addressed to control, minimize, or eliminate its negative impact. Note that the page limit refers to the number of pages of written text (the body of the essay). The total page count will be greater, as it will include the title page, the abstract, the reference page(s) and any appendices. Do not turn in work that has been or will be turned in for credit for any other course. You will turn in TWO alternate proposed term paper research questions/topics not later than THURSDAY 01/14/16. The paper accounts for of your course grade.

A researched essay is a short literary composition on any single subject, usually presenting the views of the author. The content of the essay will typically be supported by or referent to data or information obtained through research of appropriate subject matter in literature. Using the class text as your main source will not gain you points.

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