• April 20th, 2016

Explore cultural diversity in the community where you work or live and critically analyse current community work practice in relation to it.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Use Tableau to finish a specific assignment. the assignment requirements will be attached


  1. Your Tableau dashboard must contain a map that shows graduation rates in two colors- one for graduation rates> 65% and the other for graduation rate < 65%. The same map must also show Tuition in circles where the size of the circle indicates value of it (i.e. bigger indicates more tuition). For this purpose you need to create a calculated field (graduation rate > 65%). An example of such map generated in Tableau is shown below. The lighter shade of the circles indicates graduation rate > 65% and the darker shade indicates graduate rates < 65%. You should use background maps to make your dashboard more expressive.
  2. Your dashboard must contain at least 2 more components other than the map as mentioned above.
  3. Some or all components of the dashboard should be interactive (i.e. changing some values in one component should affect others).
  4. You need to suggest names of three Universities from the list of Universities provided in the excel sheet where you would like to get admission based on the dashboard that you have created.
  5. Justify why you have selected these Universities.

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