• March 24th, 2016

Exploration of individual differences with autobiographies paper

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Here is the instructor’s instruction:
Exploration of individual differences with autobiographies paper:
No two language learning experiences are the same. Choose one of the autobiographies listed at the end of this syllabus to read and relate to the research that we covered in class regarding individual differences in language learning. Your paper should incorporate both examples of empirical research as well of examples from the autobiography of your choice.

In the final paper integrate this text and your comments with class readings to discuss in-depth
one or two of the Individual Differences themes covered in the course. For example, you can write about:
The effect of motivation in language learning
Evidence of high or low language aptitude
Factors of emotions, such as anxiety, that affect language learning
Effect of learner beliefs on language learning
Evidence of interactions of multiple languages
Evidence of learning strategies or learning styles

If you choose, you can also reference other concepts and key terms that we have discussed in class, but this is not necessary.

This assignment will be evaluated in the following way:
Analytical aspect: 15 points
Are the IDs clearly identified?·
Are the IDs discussed appropriate for the autobiography chosen?·
Are there ample examples from the autobiography to illustrate the IDs?·
Are the examples from the autobiography supported by academic references?·
Is the paper a synthesis of the IDs discussed in class and the themes in the autobiography·
(i.e. – not just a summary of each with little integration)?
Organization: 10 points
Is the paper well organized with a central concept illustrated by a clear thesis and·
supporting paragraphs?
Is the paper free of typos?·
Is the language used formal and academic?·
Are all the references included on the reference page?·
Are the references documented according to APA style of documentation?·
Does the paper stay within the required page length?·

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