• April 13th, 2016

Experiencing Philosophy

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The answer to each question(numbered question) should 550 words, please.

1. According to the Falikowski text, “How does existentialism, differ from orthodox or traditional philosophy?”. Make sure you identify the themes emphasized by existentialism.
2. How does deductive logic differ from inductive logic and what forms do deductive logic and inductive logic take?
3. After going over Descartes’ process of methodical doubt as contained in the Falikowski text, do you agree with him that reason is a more reliable basis of knowledge than experience? Elucidate
4. Hume’s epistemology has been characterized as a “wrecking ball”. Do you agree with this characterization? Explain.
5. Do you find Kant’s distinction between analytic and synthetic judgments useful. Explain.
6. Does St. Thomas Aquinas persuade you with his arguments that God exists? Is so, why? If not, why not?
7. Identify and briefly describe the five character types discussed by Plato in the text. Which, according to Plato, is the ideal type?

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