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1-4. For #3, be sure to answer each part: a, b, and c
Read the following description of a moral theory and answer the questions that follow.
The Ethics of love Theory.
According to the ethics of love theory, what makes an action right is that it is based on love toward others. Love is the only universal moral good. In any situation where a moral choice must be made. This theory says that we must ask ourselves: “which action would demonstrate the greatest degree of love for others, everyone considered?” So in this theory, action that demonstrate love (such as respecting others, telling the truth, treating people equally, caring for them, protecting them from harm) would always be preferred over actions that do not demonstrate love (discriminating against persons, lying to them, harming them, stealing from them, ignoring them if they ask for help). Also. Actions that demonstrate great love (such as risking your life to save theirs) would be preferred over those that exhibit only small degrees of love (such as being courteous).
1. Is this theory consistent with our considered moral judgments? Is it consistent with our judgments regarding the punishment of criminals? Acts of war? Providing for one’s family as opposed to providing for all persons equally? If the theory conflicts with our considered moral judgments, provide an example demonstrating the conflict.

2. Is this theory consistent with our experience of the moral life? According to this theory, are moral judgments possible? Can we have moral disagreements? Can we ever act immorally?

3. Is this theory workable? Does it help you make moral decision in these situation?
A. Your beloved mother has a terminal illness which causes her unimaginable pain, and she begs you to kill her.
B. Your promise to buy your beloved spouse a car, but a half dozen homeless people beg you to give them the money that you had set aside for the car.
C. You are a doctor who must decide which of one hundred patients should receive a lifesaving organ transplant. You can choose only one, though you love all of them. Some are elderly: some, in great pain; some, very young; and some, Nobel laureates.

4. What is your final assessment of the ethics of love theory? Is it I a good theory? Is it is better theory them traditional; utilitarianism?

This Assignment Are separate
For this assignment, answer the following fully. You may answer the questions separately or in essay form.
1. What is ‘political correctness’?
2. If you could assign another word or phrase to reference the same meaning in place of ‘politically correct’, what would it be?
3. What do you think the ethics of love theory (also known as ‘care ethics’, in case you would like to research it more fully) would say about political correctness?
4. What are your own thoughts on being politically correct?
This Assignment Are separate too
• Why do you consider yourself deserving of an MDC Scholarship?
Please explain.
• What impact, if any, will this scholarship have on your education?
Please explain.
• Miami Dade College or Community Organizations
List to which organization(s) you belong,
your contribution to the organization(s)
and if applicable, position held.
• Community Service
List the organization(s) where you completed your hours
and a description of the work performed.
Extenuating Circumstances
List any extenuating circumstance(s) that you consider are vital
in the decision making process of awarding you a scholarship.
(example financial hardship, health related, or other)..

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