• April 11th, 2016

Everyday life

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You must answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Identity is all about how we present ourselves to ourselves and to others. Choose a cultural

practice of self-presentation that takes place in a particular location or cultural setting (for

example, going to a party, having a job interview, setting up a Facebook profile) and

explain what this practice says about the self and its relationship to society.

  1. Choose and describe a situation in your everyday life (for example, standing in a queue,

going to the doctor, having a family meal). What social processes, social structures,

categories and relations can you identify within this situation? Can you identify the exercise

of power, or the existence of inequality in this apparently banal and everyday scenario?

  1. Body maintenance or modification is a set of everyday practices related specifically to

consumer culture. Argue for or against this statement with reference to some distinctive

practices of body maintenance or body modification.

  1. Gender is ‘cultural all the way down’. Explain this statement utilising concepts and theories

covered in this unit and 1-2 examples from everyday life (for example, shopping, dressing

& grooming, playing sports or computer games, working).

  1. Identify and describe a specific youth subculture (either contemporary or historical).

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