• April 4th, 2016

Events Design

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Assessment Task
Summative Assessment: 100% Coursework. All learning outcomes will be covered. (Pitch 70%, Summary Paper 30%). You have applied for a position of Events Manager/Organiser in ABC London Events Co. They are considering organising an event with a social impact message (environment, poverty, health, culture etc). The company asked you to provide a report designing an event under a subject of your choice. The same theme/subject will be covered from another candidate but for a different venue. You should propose individually the best option to the events company in your conclusion. But the challenge is that you should pitch it for 15 minutes as a concrete 2venue event presentation. The audience in these two events varies regarding age, income and nationality. Your summary paper should include: a) Your discussion/reflections on comments from other class members AND/OR b) Your comments on a relevant operational/ risk assessment issue from events professional(s) through social media.
The Events management company ABC London Events Co. asked you to pitch your idea in pair with another candidate for the job; you will get the job as a team; he/she has the same subject of event to design within a different venue. The challenge is to sell your “product” as a sustainable “hallmark” event for one common theme/subject in two different venues for maximum impact and, promotion and profit.
Additional Guidance: -The event of your choice could be an original idea of yours, or based on a visit and reflection notes in a similar event, or based on the interview with an experienced events manager or based on the voluntary work experience you had in past event. -It is highly recommended to use the EVENTUM Resources Handbook for Events Management. Please select the type of event you prefer to work in, based in the Events Specialisations in the EVENTUM handbook. -A list of venues will be discussed in the classroom but students are free to suggest venue choice to their lecturer; strongly suggested to use the website https://www.squaremeal.co.uk/ for their choices. – A suggested summary paper structure will be provided in class and will be discussed with

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