• April 3rd, 2016

Event of Australia foreign exchange market

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This assignment expects you to write a Journal of FX Market Events.

The major aim of the journal of current events is to develop the following graduate qualities – 1. Operate with and upon a body of knowledge 2. is prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice An important component of this course is to be familiar with current events in the economy, foreign exchange and financial markets. To this end your assignment task is to complete a document in business report format (comprising Executive Summary, Discussion, References) of approximately 1,000 words that discusses 3-4 major events in the foreign exchange markets and the Australian and international economy that you have identified from financial pages of newspapers and financial news websites at any time during the period 1st January – 31st March 2016. An example of a news event would be:. Australian Financial Review, Monday 27th August 20xx page 1: US Federal Reserve increases interest rates by 0.25% USD/AUD exchange rate falls from USD/AUD 0.91 to USD/AUD 0.87
Your task is to discuss/explain your news events using the framework of the course including macroeconomic factors such as economic growth, inflation etc, and/or the impact on domestic businesses.
Apart from including a direct quotation from another source in your report, you are required to provide intext citations of references (e.g. textbook) used in your disucssion, and you must provide an appropriate reference list at the end of your document. Formatting: Business report format comprising Executive Summary, Discussion, References Marking Criteria: The marks awarded for this assessment task will reflect the extent of research undertaken to discuss the news events using the framework of the course. Remarking and Resubmission: Not possible given the nature of this assignment.

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