• April 28th, 2016

Evaluation Report

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Your task in this assignment is to create and test an evaluation instrument that would be suitable for the evaluation of an online banking interaction. You are undertaking a user-centred evaluation, and will need to understand how to evaluate the interface in the context of the user experience – that is: identify what users are doing and where problems exist (User Behaviour), and understand how users are feeling and how well they are engaged (User Affect).


Select any Australian Financial Institution website or mobile app then:


(a) Describe the user audiences, the settings and the interaction.


(b) Design and write up an appropriate evaluation instrument based in some model of HCI which embodies standards and conventions, methods and evaluation criteria.  Include both quantitative and qualitative measures for evaluation.


(c) Test the instrument by applying it to the website/ mobile app and collecting evaluative data (ie. conduct a dummy evaluation).


(d) Identify issues your instrument detected with the interface (referenced where possible) and note possible solutions to rectify issues for the identified audience. Where possible, submit screen capture or photographs to illustrate your points.

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