• February 7th, 2017

Evaluate the ethical position of a healthcare workplace in regard to the acquisition via technology, use, and retention of employee or patient personal data.

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Select one or more types of patient or employee data that is collected via technology at your healthcare workplace, or that of a colleague. Alternatively, select examples from another environment with which you are familiar. For example: biometric scans, vital statistics, sensor data, login (access), location tracking, usage (e.g. browsing history, keystroke logger, etc.) For the selected data type, to the extent of your knowledge and research, summarize the: Method by which the data is acquired (how and when is the technology used) Intended use of the data (the reason it is collected, and value/benefit gained by the individual or organization) Whether it is required or voluntary for patient/employee, and is another method is available Retention (how long it is kept) Potential for unintended use or exposure of the client/employee data

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