• April 17th, 2016

Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The essay questions have been designed to be as ‘open’ as possible. It should demonstrate your understanding of the readings recommended in this paper and any additional sociological literature you consider relevant.


  1. Outline the central premises of an ethnic ideology, the reasoning which supports these arguments and the ways in which these premises influence ethnic groups’ members’ actions.


  1. Explain how groups’ worldviews and lifestyles become the bases of racism, and why models of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural grouping’ must precede models of racism.


  1. Outline ways in which elements of popular culture or mass media may be used to define and redefine elements of ethnic identity. Identify and discuss factors which may influence the role of popular culture in future.


  1. Outline any one ethnic group’s efforts to assert, or to reassert, its ethnicity. Show how its members have used ethnicity as the basis for the formation of a social movement. Identify some of the variables which are likely to influence the prospects of success.


  1. Identify a political situation and show how ethnicity influences the ways in which the issues are defined and power is mobilised.


You should use the excellent electronic databases, such as Expanded Academic, Sociofile and Sociological Abstracts.

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