• April 6th, 2016

Ethics research paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose one issue: abortion, sexual ethics, capital punishment, or gun control
Title: must be a question
Sources: two are provided (must use), other two essays you find on your own. Total=4 sources
– you must take a definite stand on the question you pose (must give a clear and definite answer to your question, explain well, and defend your answer).
– you must use authors that disagree with your position, as well as those who agree with you, and the number on each side should be equal. (For example: if you write about abortion you must have at least 2 pro choice essays as well as two pro life essays)

-sexual ethics: Raymond Belliottis AND Vincent Punzo
-capital punishment: sr. Helen prejean OR the movie dead man walking AND Aaron Taylor
-gun control: Adam winkler AND David kopel
-abortion: Mary Anne warren AND John noonan

I. Explain the two best arguments from each of the four sources (8 arguments total). Don’t need to summarize the whole essay, just find the two best arguments from each author, and explain them.
II. Evaluate/assess the two best arguments from each side of the issue (e.g., two for and two against abortion, or two for and two against capital punishment, etc.) (4 arguments in total). You must explain what is good or bad, true or false in each of the four arguments.
III. Explain your own position in answer to your question and give your two best arguments for your own view (two arguments in total). These can be your own new arguments, or one or two arguments you’ve discussed already, but now you should present them in a new way. So you must argue for your position, either borrowing and expanding on arguments you found in your sources, or adding your own arguments. For ONE of your two arguments, you must present a counter argument from the opposing side of the question, and then respond to it (for 1 argument in total: argument/counter argument/response).

Structure how you wish:
Example: you can first summarize and evaluate all of the pro life arguments, then doing the same with the pro choice arguments
Compare and contrast arguments from each side as you go along
As long as all three parts above are present.

Don’t need any fluff: don’t need a page long introduction or biographical information on the authors – just pose the question at the beginning and get right to the arguments

All of the ideas and arguments you get from your sources need to be fully cited, even those expressed in your own words.
For Belliotti, Punzo, warren, and noonan, use the bibliographical information with the page numbers from the pdf document.

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