• April 13th, 2016

Ethics dimension in finance decision making

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The number of words should be between 800 and no more than 1200 (excluding the cover page, abstract, footnotes, and references,…)

((Description of the case study)):
Many Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have recently incorporated the ethical dimension in their investment and business model and strategy. Ethics in MNEs is gaining ground and becoming increasingly important, and managers have to strike a delicate balance between value maximization and ethics.
You need to choose one of the companies listed below and conduct a case study analysis, critically evaluating how ethically oriented your chosen company is and how it manages the tradeoff between value maximization and ethics.
You need to be very descriptive regarding your chosen company’s ethical strategy and the stakeholders involved in the decision making, providing a range of evidence and examples. Additionally explain why ethics has become important and needed in the company’s business model, include a costs benefits analysis and its impact on the corporate image and perception of the MNE.
Elaborate on how you would recommend to your chosen company to improve its ethical strategy and policies, and the impact this would have on the company’s reputation, image and credibility.

Choose one of any multinational corporations for your case study from these examples:
1- McDonalds 2- Apple
3- Nike
4- Wal-Mart 5- Toyota
The recommended layout of your case study is suggested to be as follows:
(Cover page+

General case study guidelines
1- You should write in times new roman font, size 14, with 1.5 spaces, no bold or italic except for the section heads if you want
2- Write your work in form of an essay, do not insert the questions and give the answers (marks will be deducted if found).
3- Maximum plagiarism allowed is 20%
4- A minimum of 7references is required (No more than 4 online webpages, a minimum of 2 articles or working or conference papers, 1 book)
5. A minimum of 5 footnotes is required
6. Important arguments should be clearly referenced
7. Avoid lengthy and unnecessary statements

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