• February 13th, 2017

Ethics and Power – The Columbia Accident Case Study (2 pages Paper)

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For this assessment, you will reflect on the role that political influence plays in the internal decision-making of a public organization. Read the Columbia Accident case study on page 105 of your Stillman text and click Launch Presentation to view additional materials related to the case study.

Consider the questions that Stillman poses at the end of the case study:

* How did the political environment influence the decision to launch the space shuttle Columbia? Who was involved and who was not?

* What were the sources of the political pressure? Their points of view?

* Who was the most responsible for the decision to launch the shuttle? How can one determine “responsible” or “irresponsible” use of administrative power? And ensure its “responsible” use?

* List the reasons why the “political dimensions” are repeatedly overlooked or ignored? (Stillman, 2010, p. 105)

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