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Respond to each classmate post. Always agree with them. positive way. One reference/citation per response. Three paragraph, one for each response. Reference within 5 years. CLASSMATE 1:
Based on my personal experience as a nurse, there are differences between clinical practice guidelines, standards, and algorithms. However, to facilitate my endeavors as a nurse, I will need to apply all these aspects.
To begin with, clinical practice guidelines refer to the recommendations provided in the nursing profession regarding how a medical practitioner should handle special conditions (Shekelle, 2016). As alleged by the Institute of Medicine, practice guidelines aim at optimizing patient care based on evidence and experience. Conversely, clinical algorithms are formats in texts that facilitate the decision-making process. The texts include the sequences of clinical decisions which are to be applied when providing patient care (Registered Nurses of British Columbia, 2016). The algorithms are, thus, compared in relation to their effectiveness in decision analysis. Finally, practice standards are a set of rules and regulations established by the American Nursing Association, which nurses are required to follow to provide quality services to the patients

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