• April 7th, 2016

Essays: Founder Dilemmas and Personal Reflection

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Assignment Details:

Part 1: Essay Founder Dilemmas: 1,500 words
Pick one of the founder/startup stories from Jessica Livingston (2007)· Founders at Work:
Stories of Startups’ Early Days (Attached as PDF).
Analyse the interview: What dilemmas did the founder experience with· reference to Noam
Wasserman’s book on Founder’s Dilemmas (PDF). Explain the dilemmas and suggest ways
how they could have circumvented the dilemma.
Harvard referencing please.·
Part 2: Personal Reflection: 500 words
My journey – 500 words about what have you learned in the module about· your personal
entrepreneurial preferences (use “Founder Card” attached as PDF)
IN TOTAL: 2000 words (About 1500 + 500).
In addition to the two core texts (Wasserman/Livingston) please also· use minimum 3 other
Bibliography/Appendix do NOT count towards the word count.·

Personal Reflection (500 words)
My journey – 500 words about what have you learned in the module about your personal
entrepreneurial preferences [please use information from “Founder Card” attached]
Talk about your own entrepreneurial preferences, for example;·
Would you prefer to be the CEO of a £10m company where you still own· 70% of the shares or to be the CEO of a £100 million company, where you own 7% of the shares (wealth vs control dilemma); [in my case, I have choose 1st option]
Would you prefer to be a Solo or Team founder? [Team, or could be· Solo]
How would you split the equity? [Please use information from “Team· Card” attached]
Your experience of the co-founding game. What have you learned about· yourself? What role did you have? [I am Founder]
Your experience of the term sheet shootout. What have you learned· about yourself?
The Founder’s card – Scalable, social, or lifestyle… why?·
· Potential.ly – What have you learned about your preferences? [PDF file: 8_ SUMMARY]

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