• April 13th, 2016

Essay, Statistics

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For the research paper proposal, you must include the following stages of research process
All following steps must beasd on the files I attached: (wastage time, problem set 1, problem set 2)

1. Problem/Question–What is your substantive interest? What/Why is?

2.Concept/Hypothesis–What are the theoretical terms? What is the causal relation? Between which variables? How would you define and measure your concepts/variables?

3.Data Collection/Hypothesis testing–How would you collect your data? How could you test your hypothesis? What is the proper statistical technique to test your hypothesis?

4.Expected Result–What would you expect to find? Would you accept or reject your hypothesis? Is it significant?

5.Conclusion–What is the meaning of all this? What is the implication/relevance/contribution of your research?

The construction of your research paper proposal will be assisted and facilitated by completing the problem sets. The problem sets are designed to be an integral part of your research paper proposal. The first problem set will assist you in completing the stages (1) and (2). The second will be helpful in fulfilling the stages (3) to (5).

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