• April 15th, 2016

Essay, Sociology

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In section 149 of the Second Treatise on Civil Government, John Locke asserts that when ruler of a government violates the law of nature and no longer seeks to preserve the public good, then the people have the right to rise up against him. With reference to Locke's “Social Contract”, as well as such concepts as the “Harm Principle” and “Utilitarianism”, etc, critically discuss the civil happened in Hong Kong, 8/2/2016, 2016 Mongkok civil unrest. This essay should be composed three parts. The introduction deals with the significance and importance of that civil unrest in its particular context, and your stance on it. The body parts is where you launch your arguments to defend your stance. The concluding part is to highlight your argumentation in relation to that civil unrest, and to show what new understandings can be obtained through the argumentation in terms of those Enlightenment concepts.

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