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Essay Questions

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Essay Questions
Your complete Word document must include a title page with the following:

Student’s name

Course name and number

Instructor’s name

Date submitted

There are two essay questions in this section.    The length of each essay should be two double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages).  Use 12-point font and format your paper with regular 1-inch margins.  Do not include the essay prompt in your document.

essay question 1
A researcher has investigated the relationship between IQ and grade point average (GPA) and found the correlation to be .75.
For this essay, critique the results and interpretation of a correlational study.
Evaluate the correlational result and identify the strength of the correlation.
Examine the assumptions and limitations of the possible connection between the researcher’s chosen variables.
Identify and describe other statistical tests that could be used to study this relationship.

Your essay response must address the following questions:
How strong is this correlation?
Is this a positive or negative correlation?
What does this correlation mean?
Does this correlation imply that individuals with high Intelligence Quotients (IQ) have high Grade Point Averages (GPA)?
Does this correlation provide evidence that high IQ causes GPA to go higher?
What other variables might be influencing this relationship?
What is the connection between correlation and causation?
What are some of the factors that affect the size of this correlation?
Is correlation a good test for predicting GPA?
If not, what statistical tests should a researcher use, and why?

essay question 2

A researcher has recorded the reaction times of 20 individuals on a memory assessment. The following table indicates the individual times:

2.2, 4.7 7.3 4.1 9.5 15.2 4.3 9.5 2.7 3.1 9.2 2.9 8.2 7.6 3.5 2.5 9.3 4.8 8.5 8.1

In this essay, demonstrate your ability to organize data into meaningful sets, calculate basic descriptive statistics, interpret the results, and evaluate the effects of outliers and changes in the variables.  You may use Excel, one of the many free online descriptive statistics calculators, or calculate the values by hand and/or with a calculator.
Next, separate the data into two groups of 10; one group will be the lower reaction times, and the second group will be the higher reaction times.  Then, address the following points in your essay response:
Calculate the sum, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, range, skew, and kurtosis for each group.
How do the two groups differ?
Are there any outliers in either data group?
What effect does an outlier have on a sample?
Lastly, double each sample by repeating the same 10 data points in each group.  You will have a total of 20 data points for each group. After completing this, address the following in your essay response:
Calculate the following for the new data groups: sum, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, range, skew, and kurtosis.
Did any of the values change?
How does sample size affect those values?

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