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Be specific whenever possible, providing examples and details to support your overall statements(online resources). Your paper should be double-spaced and approximately 5-6 pages in length (1500 words). (It can be longer, if needed, but try to write a focused response.)

Question 1:

We have read about and discussed four distinct historical periods in American educational history: the colonial and early national period; the Common School Movement; the Progressive education era; and the expansion of high schools in the early to mid-20th century. For each of these four historical periods, define and discuss the purpose of education. This should include: overall goals, methods, and content of instruction in schools; intended outcomes for students; and the population of students included and excluded from schooling. Please discuss each historical period separately.

Question 2:

DuBois and Washington developed two very different approaches to education. While their approaches did represent two distinct ways to educate newly-freed African Americans after the Civil War, they also represent broader notions of how best to educate marginalized people in general. Throughout American history, various groups (in addition to African Americans) have been marginalized or excluded from full participation in our educational systems. For this short essay, write about the following two issues:

A) Explain DuBois’ and Washington’s specific approaches to educating African Americans during the time of reconstruction and reclamation.

B) Discuss one additional example (from American educational history) of each of these two approaches in another historical time or with a different marginalized group of people. Provide a detailed discussion of these examples, including the group affected, the barriers to them getting an adequate education, and the goal or intention of each particular approach

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