• April 28th, 2016

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Please answer the following questions in a double-spaced, 12-point font. For the purposes of grading and doing a routine check of your document using plagiarism software, please submit using .doc or .docx formats (no .hwp or .pdf files).
(1) (3-4 pages) Explain Spinozas metaphysical and theological views, as presented in Part I of the Ethics. When you do so, make sure to explain Thomas Nagels cosmic question and how Spinozas views in Part I provide us with the sketch of an answer to this
(2) (6-7 pages) Explain Spinozas interpretation of Judeo-Christian religion, as presented in the portions of the Theological-Political Treatise that weve read so far. In your answer,
make sure to explain his argument against theological interventionism. Further, explain
his views on prophecy, election, divine law, rituals and ceremonies, and miracles. Make
sure, in each case, to explain (a) the traditional, interventionist view, (b) Spinozas own
naturalist alternative, and (c) how Spinozas argument against interventionism bears upon Spinozas rejection of (a) and endorsement of (b). Lastly, using the final 2-3 pages of this essay, explain, on the basis of your reading of chapters 14 and 15, explain how Spinozas views on the nature of faith and the relation between faith and reason might shed light on his rejection of interventionism and embrace of naturalism.

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