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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The number of words for this essay is 995-1,005. citations and quotations will not be counted as part of the required number of words. The words will be counted from the first word in the introduction to the last word in the conclusion.
Parts paraphrased from sources in your own words will count towards the number of words in the essay.

In these essays, if you use content outside of common knowledge, you need to provide support by using credible sources from either the Coastline online library or Google Scholar.
Maximum number of citations: 3 (those could be a combination of quotations, which are exact words copied from the text, or paraphrases, which are parts from an article rewritten in your own words.
Maximum number of quotations: 2 (copied word for word and included within quotation marks.
Maximum length of each quotation: 2 lines.
Each paraphrase and each quotation has to be with a citation. The citation is the name of the author. If this is not available, you may use the title of the source between quotation marks.
Incorporating research into the essay
To incorporate a quotation or a paraphrase into the paper, you need an introductory phrase or sentence, such as : According to … The ellipsis here is the name of the author. If that is not available, use the title of the article between quotation marks.

Works Cited

Each work used and cited in the paper needs to be on the works cited page with its full information.

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