• April 25th, 2016

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The objective is to write an academic essay (informative and formal) by analysing the relevant data using the general knowledge acquired so far the programme.

For this assignment, your aim is to investigate the one of the following general research questions:

Why do merger and acquisition deals fail?


Do firms learn from their merger and acquisition experience?

I have briefly outlined below the requirements for the preparation of the essay. For the rest I expect you to use your imagination and initiative to produce a high standard and quality essay.

1)You will collect your dataset based on the literature published in the academic journals.
2)You are free to use any hypothesis as long as your analysis is meaningful and tackles the research question.
3)Full references must be provided and quoted clearly in the reference section.
4)Needless to say that the report findings should be substantiated and explained with the appropriate published literature.
5)Please also submit a file containing the data and the output from the statistical package that estimates the regression models.

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