• March 13th, 2016

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Write a 1,000 word case study considering the strategic position of the product line of an international firm. Select the firm from among the ten largest firms by annual sales from any country as listed on either the Thompson One or Orbis databases. This can be the same or a different company from the one you used in case study
1. Select one major product line that the company offers. Draw data from these databases, company websites and annual reports, the Financial Times (ft.com) and other news media sources, and academic articles that may discuss the history of the company. Be careful to comprehensively reference the sources used, particularly internet sources. Make explicit use of theoretical concepts in your analysis.

1. Examine the major structural features of the industry in which this product line is offered and how these features affect options open to the firm. Consider the market segment targeted.

2. Examine the ways in which the firm's resources and capabilities provide competitive advantage. Does the firm have a core competency underpinning this product line? 3. Discuss how the way in which the firm is structured affects its ability to operate within this industry. 4. Discuss the generic strategy being pursued by the firm with respect to this product line.


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