• April 3rd, 2016

Essay about: The political and social concerns of the 1980s and 3 ways on how they are reflected in the comic “Watchmen”

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First year university course: In addition to being entertainment, we can understand ideology and cultural history through comics, as well as the social concerns of that historical moment. From Duke University’s online exhibition, Comic Book Cultures (2005) http://library.duke.edu/exhibits/comicbookcultures/ select one particular decade (i.e., the 1950s) and then describe, discuss, and analyze three key ways that comics reflect the social concerns of that particular decade (narrative or storyline, characters, actions, etc.). For proof, select one particular issue and elaborate upon how the character or the narrative illustrates your ideas. NOTE: You MUST include images of your comic images with your essay answer *So please select the comic watchmen as the main example and select the 1980s as the specified decade. Below is an excellent source from my schools library research database.Alan Moore’s America: The Liberal Individual and American Identities in Watchmen MICHAEL J. PRINCE.

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