• April 23rd, 2016

Essay about the drug Diazepam

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The essay must go into a good level of scientific depth and go into detailed specific technical details on different aspects of the drug Diazepam (aspects highlighted below ) , appropriate for the advanced organic and medicinal chemistry module, i.e. it must contain a good amount of medicinal chemistry depth relating to the compounds chemical structure and not be focused purely on the biology.
Different aspects to be explained in details:-
1- How does it work? What is its biochemical mode of action? What enzyme does it work on?
2- Is the metabolism known? What are metabolites? How does this affect its safety/therapeutic index?

You will be expected to give detailed biological/medicinal/chemical mechanisms and explanations for aspects mentioned above, and the report should delve down into a good level of scientific and technical details. The report should also contain a suitable number of relevant peer reviewed references minimum 10.
A concise one paragraph abstract will be required which summarises the report clearly, as well as an introduction to the drug and its medicinal uses.
Master level essay so it should be in a very good details and journals should be used.

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