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  • March 9th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Please don’t write as same as other person. Since this assignment will use turnitin.com. Thank you so much!

1.Your essays should be submitted as 1 Word document

2.You have 3 essays that you need to write. Each of your answers should be 1-2 page, double spaced,12-point font. Indicate clearly on your papers which question you are answering. Make sure that you answer the questions themselves

  1. To use outside published sources, as long as you cite them appropriately. Please be aware that you need to evaluate closely whether any outside sources are authoritative—either scholarly articles, or web material from sources such as the CDC, World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health. NOTE: There is no need to consult outside sources. You should be able to answer the questions completely based on class material.

Please minimize or eliminate your use of quotations. The answers should be in your own words rather than in authors’ words, to the greatest possible extent. Answers will be assessed on the basis of, among other things, your analysis, reasoning, use of evidence, quality and clarity of writing. Make sure that you use your grammar checkers, and spell checkers.


  1. What is the “political ecology of disease”? Define this, and explain what it means, using at least two examples. (about 1 page)
  2. What is disease ecology? Explain the concept using the “triangle of the ecology of human disease”, and use at least two diseases to illustrate this concept. The “triangle” is sometimes called the “triangle of disease ecology” and the “triangle of the human ecology of disease. (about 1 page)
  3. Describe the epidemiology and geography of chronic pain. In what ways does access to health care affect the treatment of chronic pain? Make sure that you also define chronic pain. (about 1 page)

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