• March 25th, 2016

Environmental Strategy Paper

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This paper is an environmental strategy paper. And it concentrates on the ability to find solutions to an issue and form a well made strategy, proper action plan with KPIs. As well as the Creative Solutions and sufficient benchmarking research.

The environmental issue is: “Air Quality and the increase in Particulate matter (PM10) in 2015”.

Do the research and develop if you’d like on the info in the Word Document. Font 12 Total pages 10 and Ill add some bibliography resources in the Word Document to start from.

Step 1: Introduction and intro to the main issue to be solved (1 pg)

Step 2: State of the environment (SOE) and the scope, a scientific and statistical study of this issue ( 2 pages)

Step 3: Benchmarking with other studies and experiences (1-2 pg)

Step 4: The main solutions to solve the issue(1/2-1 pg)

Step 5: The Detailed action plan (2-3 pg)

Step 6: Administrative review process of the strategy and its development and Summary of paper (1 pg)

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