• April 9th, 2016

Environmental auditing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. A) Company description 100 words (0 marks)
  2. B) Audit 1000 words [including 10 marks from the emailing process]

(46 marks)


  1. C) Improvement measures






Describe each measure in technical and financial detail so that a manager could act on the information. In the example spreadsheet there are spaces for a number of possible measures. If you wish to add a different category that is OK. There is no word limit for the description of measures, but you should be able to complete each measure in typically 200- 400 words, that is around 3000 words altogether for section C). You cannot make savings from salaries as this assignment is to show environmental improvements, and not necessarily from commercial improvements.


Low/no cost measures

You should complete up to three low cost, or no cost measures, such as good housekeeping or changing to low energy light bulbs.

[ Each low/no measure is worth up to 6 Marks]


Medium/high cost measures.

You should include at least four medium/high cost measures, such as replacing electric motors with high efficiency ones.

. [ Each medium/high measure is worth up to 7 Marks]



Label each measure for example “ L2.3 high” (46 marks)


  1. D) Spreadsheet.


For a successful case study you must provide a three year spreadsheet, which starts with £0 and ends with a positive value but includes a reduction impact of the company and the obtaining of ISO14001. The strategy must be logical. Include a 30 word conclusion.

(8 Marks)

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