• April 18th, 2016

Entertainment Promotion

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Promote one film in one film festival, The film is not real !!!! The movie is called SOHO Blues—a crime thriller featuring crooked cops in 1972 NYC. The movie is not real! we could choose our own actress and actors to act the film, it should be well known in that festival city.

Film Festival Cities ONLY CHOOSE ONE CITY:

Berlin, Venice, London, Hong Kong, New York, Cannes, Toronto, Sydney, Locarno, Dubai, Singapore

Students will act as consultants for the marketing of a feature-length motion picture in one film-festival city. The study should focus on the problems and opportunities that arise with this unique challenge. Strong emphasis should be placed on the part of e-commerce and social media in their promotion as well as the role of local tourist organizations, organizers and participating hotels. Following completion of the paper, students will participate in a round-table discussion with other class members highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of their particular promotional plan.

Research both the theoretical and practical aspects of destination marketing for the film industry. The student will choose one film-festival city from the list provided and base their promotional plan on that city’s events and programs.

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