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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Written Report: The second part of the assessment will require you to write a 2000 word report which presents a proposal for an individual business start – up idea. The report must include an outline of the operational aspects of your business proposal including marketing, operational and financial issues.
 Word count 2000 words.
 Report Format
o Must Include:
• Title page
• Table of content
• Body (with headings and sub-headings)
• Conclusion
• Reference list
• Appendices (in necessary)
 The Purpose of the assignment (PROPOSAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS IDEA) students are looking at potential outcomes relating to their business idea.)
 You do not need a separate section for literature within the plan. Rather, You should add literature as appropriate throughout the plan.
This area sets the tone for the report –– you would need to include for example :
• Statement of the proposed idea ( be creative with your idea )
• State the nature of the proposed business name
• Sole trader
• Products or services offered
• B2B/B2C
The business Plan
(take into consideration any of the following that are relevant….)
• Production Plan
• Process/systems plan
• Human resourcing plan
• Marketing plan
• Finance plan
• Managing risk
• Action plan ( with proposed time schedule, you could use SMART objective or a GANNT chart here

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