• April 17th, 2016

Entering a new frontier: A capital budgeting case

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Case study (excel + report) I’ll attach
1- 4 lecture notes
2- advanced info exel file
3- Assignment 1 – 125330 s1 2016 – formal (2).pdf (instructions)

I’ll also attach three extra files to use as an example from a similar but older version of this assesment that was done by a friend 4 years ago
1- Q1 – 5 +7 08039151 (1).docx (old completed report)
2- Assignment1_125330_S1_2012_-_Case_and_questions (1).pdf (old instructions)
3- 125330 excel (1).xlsx (old completed Excel

also bellow theres instructions on how to answer the questions one by one (according to the lecturer) to make it easier

“Dear all,
Assignment 1 is posted. This will be due on April 14th 2016. In general, the assignment requires that you thoroughly understand the materials/context of Modules 1 and 2. But let me give you a bit of specific directions in terms of primary materials involved for guidance.

Q1: General principles on ‘incremental cash flows’: Lecture notes Module 1 pages 37-48

Q2: Finding relevant cash flows: Lecture notes Module 1 pages 28-36

Q3: NPV, IRR, and discounted payback period: Lecture notes Module 1 pages 16-22

Q4: – Cost of capital for a project: Lecture notes Module 1 pages 23-27 & Lecture notes Ch 9 pages 6-8 – Finding Beta: Lecture notes Ch 9 pages 16-20 – Levering/Unlevering Beta: Lecture notes Ch 9 pages 28-40

Q5: Fianncial break-even and Goal Seek Excel function: Lecture notes Ch 10 pages 13-14

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