• April 5th, 2016

English in the World Written Assignment

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Topic: English in the World Written Assignment
Write 3500 words on the following:
Using the literature, and your own experience if relevant, present a short case study of the use of English, or an English-based pidgin or creole, in a specific country or geographical area where it has been introduced since the reign of Elizabeth I.
a)  how English came to be introduced into this society (NO MORE THAN 1000 WORDS);
b)  how it has developed (grammar, pronunciation, lexis, discourse features – I expect this section to give examples);
c)  influences on its development;
d)  specific areas in which it is used (e.g., law, education, government)
Finally, comment on whether and how English has affected other languages used in the area.
N.B. You may NOT write on Hong Kong English as we have covered this extensively in class.

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