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Body worn cameras should be considered important to law enforcement officers because they allow for the complete story to be told without court reenactments. Elliot and Kurtenbach (2015) Asserts that in 2013, the city of Phoenix used the cameras to measure the impact and effectiveness of the cameras; the report revealed that the cameras led to a reduction in complaints against police officers by 23 in comparison to 10 percent rise for police officers without the cameras.
The article analyzes the rapid growth of concern in the body worn cameras due to the current challenges of using force by police officers. In 2013, Phoenix City conducted a study to measure the impact and efficiency of the cameras. The study revealed out that the cameras were very useful in investigation situations. Through the utilization of the camera, you can get the correct information without courtroom reenactments. According to the study, the usage of cameras by police officers decreased complaints against them by 23 percent. However, those officers who never made use of the camera there complaints increased by 10 percent.
The topic sentence supports the thesis because they share the same theme. It explains the significance of body worn cameras. Also, it shows the effectiveness of the cameras in reducing complaints against law enforcement officers. The quoted statement acts as a very useful piece of information in supporting the claim because it shows the efficiency of the cameras by providing reliable statistics on how body worn cameras have enabled police officers to adhere to the law. The paraphrased material is in line with the theme of the topic sentence hence supports and adds credibility to the writing.
“ Initial Source Text”
This article talks about the sudden growth of interest in the body worn cameras due to the recent problems of force with law enforcement. In 2013 the city of Phoenix used the cameras to gauge the impact and effectiveness, this resulting in having great value in and investigation scenario. The cameras allow for the full story to be told without courtroom reenactments. The use of cameras already reduced complaints against officers by 23% compared to a 10% increase in officers without cameras
Elliot, K. (2015). Cops and Body-Worn Cameras. Lessons learned from Phoenix’s deployment of body-worn cameras, 10.

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