• March 11th, 2016

English and literature

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The “Howl” Project 
 Researching Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl for Carl Solomon”
 Step 1: Choose one research topic from the list below. Post your choice to the Unit 8: Choosing Topics forum. To do this put your chosen topic in the subject heading (for example, “Topic 3”). In the text box simply write: “I choose topic 3.” No more than four students may do any topic. So if you go to the forum and you see that three students have already chosen Topic 3, then you need to choose a different topic.
The Obscenity Trial: Research the “Howl” obscenity trial. How did the trial come about? What was the result? What was the impact of the trial on literature in general?
 Step 2: Get the information. If you plan on doing internet research, you may want to consult our online research librarian, Professor Sandy Schepis at Sandy.Schepis@sunywcc.edu. Make sure that you keep a record of where you get your information because you are going to need to document your research within your report.
 Step 3: Gather and organize the details. Select the relevant and useful details from the Step 2 research. Organize these details into a logical outline.
 Step 4: Write a first version of the report. Make sure that you document references to researched sources according to MLA protocols. Step 5: Proofread and edit the first version.
 Step 6: Post final version of report to the Unit 8: Text Critique 7 – The “Howl” Project forum. Length: 300 words minimum *Note: Since one or two of your colleagues may be working on the same topic as you are, you may want to contact these students and share ideas. This is a suggestion, not a requirement.

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